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, attached to the church is a small museum revealing finds from excavations in the original Romanesque cloister in the 1960s. An experience not to be missed. The permanent exhibition is has some real treasures, with paintings by Hieronymus Bosch, Courbet and Delacroix, and several sculptures by Auguste Rodin. Marne 14-18 uses testimonies of both local civilians and soldiers to present an absorbing account of warfare and daily life.

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Some of the stained glass in here is magnificent, not least the 16th-century windows relating the life of St James, Life of the Virgin and Passion scenes. And if your French is up to scratch youll also be given expert running commentary from your skipper, recounting fun pieces of trivia and a few secrets about the town. Caves Joseph Perrier, source: chalons-tourisme. Your guide will explain the detailed process of how this very special champagne is made and, of course, you have the opportunity to taste the final product. . There are several other champagne producers in the Châlons area, including the Cave Joseph Perrier which is situated underneath the Gallo-Roman chalk pits with galleries where millions of bottles of champagne are stored. . Starting in the east, the Petit Jard is a landscaped park around the Château du Marché, with an arboretum. The hotel Le Renard proposes, to both business travelers as well as tourists staying in our beautiful region of Champagne-Ardennes, all the comforts of a modern hotel. Adults can bring a book and park themselves on a sun lounger by the water, taking in views of the cathedral or sharpening their chess skills at a special workshop. These waterways cut through the historic heart of the town, passing right under the Notre-Dame-en-Vaux  Church, the Château du Marché and the old Convent of Sainte-Marie, now housing the departmental government. sexcayenne com châlons en champagne Earn points and earn loyalty benefits. There are traces of that old church in the crypt, on the sculpted baptismal font and in some of the panels of the glorious stained glass windows. Musée des Beaux-Arts et dArchéologie Source: ees-de-france-champagne Musée Des Beaux-Arts Et DArchéologie The towns fine arts museum was created in 1794 and is one of Frances oldest museums. Canal Cruise, source: champagne-ardenne-tourism. Its ethereal atmosphere is heightened by the triforium, a long gallery of windows near the ceiling, bathing the nave with soft light. Give yourself some time to investigate the side chapels, with their medieval funerary slabs, the 16th-century stained glass windows and Renaissance paintings. For those visitors interested in the architectural history of the city, there are several buildings and monuments to see including the church of Saint-Alpin, the oldest church in the city rebuilt in 1170; Porte Sainte-Croix (the Holy Cross Gate). Whirlwind Tour of the Town Source: flickr Hôtel De Ville If time is of the essence, Châlons has posted information boards outside of 19 of its unmissable sights. sexcayenne com châlons en champagne

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