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as an abbreviation from the initial components of a phrase or a word, usually individual letters, as in nato (North Atlantic Treaty Organization) or scuba (Self-Contained Underwater Breathing Apparatus) and sometimes syllables (as in Benelux ). Poles (Polish: Polacy, pronounced plats; singular masculine: Polak, singular feminine: Polka commonly referred to as the Polish people, are a nation and West Slavic ethnic group native to Poland in Central Europe who share a common ancestry, culture, history. Avertissement : la rdaction du TLF est termine depuis 1994 et la plupart des contributeurs ont quitt le nâa pas vocation tre mis jour. Cette ressource, qui ne fait pas lâobjet dâune veille lexicographique, est donc close «en lâtat»). Cit De Rencontre Meilleur Site D Escorte, Femme Escorte Sexy Quim has a zero-tolerance policy against illegal pornography. Monthly /les-lentilles-de- contact -cali- shawinigan. On trouve cela très excitant de faire lamour et de se laisser aller devant tous ces yeux voyeurs. From alchemy to the present day the choice of biographies of Polish scientists. Along the eastern border of Poland, between Podlasie and Lubelszczyzna, we can find some people who identify as Poleshuks. Retrieved b Gudaszewski, Grzegorz (November 2015). In an informal competition run by the magazine New Scientist, a fully documented specimen was discovered that may be the most deeply nested of all: rars is the "Regional atovs Retransmission Service atovs is "Advanced tovs tovs is " tiros. Apart from that confusion, acronyms and other abbreviations cause confusion any time a reader is likely not to know what the spelled-out version." "initialism" "Online Etymology Dictionary", accessed August 13, 2015: "initialism (n.) word formed from. cite de rencontre totalement gratuit recontre libertine

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A b "Stowarzyszenie Wspólnota Polska". The other two national bards were Juliusz Słowacki and Zygmunt Krasiński. Likewise, the Gaelic acronym for "television" ( gd: telebhisean ) is TBh, pronounced TV, as in English. Archived from the original on April 10, 2007. 82 Macronyms/nested acronyms edit A macronym, or nested acronym, is an acronym in which one or more letters stand for acronyms themselves. The limitations of the term being not widely known to the general public, acronym is also often applied to abbreviations that are familiar but are not pronounceable as words. Nasa is an acronym for 'National Aeronautics and Space Administration.' The abbreviations 'FBI' and 'DVD' are not acronyms, but 'aids 'fica and 'PIN' are." "acronym" "NetLingo, the Internet Dictionary", accessed August 13, 2015: "Derived from the first letters. After 1945 the so-called "autochthonous" or "aboriginal" school of Polish prehistory received official backing in Poland and a considerable degree of popular support. Chapter 47, Beasts of Prey,. .

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