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1986 This remix uses many drum machines. Le Dictionnaire des Chansons de Mylène Farmer. An, english version of the song, "Bad Girl was recorded, but unlike ". Live version (recorded in 2009) 5:35 N5 on Tour 2009 Credits and personnel edit These are the credits and the personnel as they appear on the back of the single: 26 27 Laurent Boutonnat lyrics, photo (first cover) Jean-Claude Déquéant.

Libertine france place libertne - Libertine (song)

3 Most of the extras were actually employees of Polydor and Movie Box. Retrieved permanent dead link Laurence Beurdeley. Cendres de Lune to be a success. Seriously hurt by a fireplace poker, Libertine and the man manage to escape on horseback, but the Woman in Red stages an ambush with accomplices and they are killed. French artist, mylène Farmer. "Libertine" (Y-Front remix) 4:02 Release history edit Date 26 Label Region Format Catalog April 1986 Polydor France 7" single " maxi " single - Promo " maxi - Promo Canada 7" single 871 France 7" single " maxi - Remixes. "Mylène Farmer : Je ne me montrerai plus jamais nue (2 (in French). " m Kate Ryan Libertine". New remix 3:35 Thierry Rogen 1986 The introduction is played on saxophone. "Libertine" 3:30 Digital download (since 2005). The single also reached the top 20 in several countries, but was less successful than Ryan's previous Farmer's cover version. Contents, background and composition edit, the song was inspired by a rock music song, "L'Amour tutti frutti composed in 1984 by Jean-Claude Déquéant. Mylène Farmer, le culte - L'envers du décor (in French). Remix 4:35 Laurent Boutonnat 1986 Specially intended to discothèques, the song is fully remixed, but has extended musical introduction and bridges. Retrieved permanent dead link " m Kate Ryan Libertine". Retrieved Christine Hiquet (14 September 1986). Retrieved permanent dead link a b c "Libertine French Singles Chart" (in French). 15 The music video is included on the videos albums Les Clips and Music Videos. Retrieved b c "Mylène Farmer - "Libertine" - Supports" (in French). It was the third single from her first studio album, salope gang bang lesbienne femme fontaine cendres de lune and was released on It was particularly known for its huge music video, produced as a film and which contains explicit sexual and violent scenes. Spending a total of 15 weeks in the top 100, it had the second-best chart running for a single of Kate Ryan in this country. 32 Kate Ryan version edit Following the success of her cover version of " Désenchantée Kate Ryan did another one of "Libertine" and released it as single in late 2002. A b c Cachin, Benoît (2006). The character played by Farmer embodies "the liberal ideas of the 18th century, to the borders of vice and the loss of self engaging in "extremes practices such as the " sadomasochistic relationship " with the man. Mylène Farmer - La part d'ombre (in French). Thanks to this daring video, Farmer gained star status in France. At the time, she had explained in an interview that she was bare in this video, but that it was for the first and the last time. 10 discount right now A free bar jigger to get the perfect measure! "Greta" 4:45 7" maxi - Soundtrack - France. At certain performances, she also sang - in playback - " Maman a tort " and "Greta and was sometimes interviewed. France Soir considered this song has "a little music that puts in a good mood from the awakening". Live version (recorded in 1989) 12:00 En Concert 1989 The song begins with the shot of a pistol. The Sponsored Listings displayed above are served automatically by a third party. "Greta" 4:45 7" maxi - First cover - France.

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