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your food for the day in the morning (wake up 45 mins earlier) or when youre back home. Weight Goals for Men, how much weight do you have to gain to stop looking skinny? By eating more calories than your body burns. It doesnt matter if you eat junk food a lot, or a big pizza here and there. Skinny men with less muscle need less calories than big and strong guys because they burn less calories at rest. But not to increase your body-weight. Do a training program proven to work instead of making your own. Spend the next week logging everything you eat in an app like myfitnesspal. Spend the money on food, not protein. You can easily get that by eating an extra 15-20 dried prunes per day as a snack. Its more efficient than eating low calories food. The big fives must be the bulk of your routine. Most skinny guys cant do this for more than a day or two before quitting. .

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