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vetement pour pute peta puts down animals

marijuana in the past year, a California veterinarian is sparking debate over whether America's sick pets could benefit from some bud. Kramer sells a guide on his website that instructs readers how to create an herbal extract in their own home, though for legal reasons he has removed all references to medicinal marijuana in his book. Lynne White-Shim, assistant director with the division of scientific activities of the American Veterinary Medical Association, said legalizing medicinal marijuana use for pets is a "brand new" idea for her organization - so new that it does not have a policy on the issue. A poll released earlier this month showed more than 50 percent of Americans support legalizing marijuana, though the poll did not specify whether it was intended for human or animal consumption. "People amuse themselves by blowing smoke in a dog's face to get him high or getting the cat drunk, and so, you know, that's something that one has to guard against she said. Log in or Sign up, this site uses cookies to help personalise content, tailor your experience and to keep you logged in if you register. Trainers use the dolphins as surfboards, riding on their backs and standing on their faces in cruel and demeaning circus-style tricks. We never considered the impact of these actions on the animals involved. The Toledo Mud Hens Paws and Pints promotional night ended in heartbreak when a dog died during the post-game fireworks display. vetement pour pute peta puts down animals


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Peta is taking on Big Pharma, demanding that Eli Lilly, Pfizer, and Bristol-Myers Squibb stop using the near-drowning test which torments mice and has no scientific value. The costs of running this huge site are paid for by ads. But today, shes seeing a bright future. For whatever reason, you are now asking the question: Why should animals have rights? When it became clear that she was nearing the end, that's when she had nothing to lose, as long as it didn't hurt her the vet told. Read more, ingrid. vetement pour pute peta puts down animals

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