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her voice, there'll always be some asshole in the audience demanding she shows a bit more flesh. Using smil.0, an author can describe the temporal behavior of a multimedia presentation, associate hyperlinks with media objects and describe the layout of the presentation on a screen. Just don't try it too often with Herb. Ace volunteers to distract a guard during " The Curse of Fenric advising the Doctor that she's "not a little girl anymore". In To Catch a Thief, the protagonist, John Robie is escaping from the police in a speedboat, driven by a pretty girl. Seth watches intently (if a bit awkwardly) as she does so, in probably the most, err, Goldblumm-est you'll ever see Jeff Goldblum. Thinking m-more like an explosion. Played much straighter with Sarah, who frequently does this on missions to cause distractions or take advantage of an enemy agent. Ah, that hurt like shit! Subverted in Fairy Tail, where most of the time when Lucy tries or is forced into attempting this, the enemy is more confused than distracted, and keeps attacking anyway. Sonia the nun from Hayate the Combat Butler uses this tactic against the modest and polite Hayate. In Unseen Academicals, Juliet promises a kiss to the bus driver if he'll make the bus go faster. Lampshaded in two episodes featuring John Larroquette at Roan Montgomery, described as an "old school James Bond type". After they're captured by river pirates who make their intentions obvious, the priestess Avila uses her former skills as an erotic dancer to keep them entertained while getting them lined up for the Lost Technology Stun Guns they're secretly carrying. This was actually used as bait rather than a distraction in an episode of the Sentai series Fiveman. Extra bonus points because it works on any humanoid that isn't immune to crowd control. The sexy strategy only appears to work. So many players are bronies, they get easily distracted by them.

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