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and exercise their civic muscles by talking and meeting with other members of their community face-to-face. For example, many members' roofs may not be optimally located to get enough sunlight at all times of the year. French is also widely spoken throughout. Apparently the kids, when they graduate (high school?) throw their shoes across the phone or power lines that hang over the street in one particular section of town. Every year, Ghent has a rather large, and rather well-known, festival. A self-guided city walking tour put together by The City to enjoy the historical centre in all its illuminated glory. (What queen doesnt love a performance?) Oh, I found out who these guys are they have a YouTube page with a ton of their videos. Now, the space is a thriving community center with meeting and event spaces, a music studio, childrens play area, and more. Obviously, the lovely night scene never gets tired.

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That means 20 percent of the enterprises pay 60 percent of the rent, thereby subsidizing the commons activities of the other spaces. But this report shows how it is quickly becoming a hub of some of the most innovative urban commons projects that exist today. The city aims for an energy reduction of at least 20 by 2020. Airport transfer in Brussels is available on arrival. And let me just say, mother of God why did no one tell me about these things before? Fried chocolate chip cookie dough covered with something that puts the word whipped cream to shame starts to get you close. chat-travestis blogspot com ghent Its funny, but if youve traveled a lot, things start to become less exciting, less impressive, the older you get. I mean, look at this and the view just goes on and on and on for blocks and blocks and blocks. If youre ever in the area, visit Brussels for a day, maybe. Instead of leaving the building empty for the eight months leading up to its reconstruction, officials decided to turn it into an experimental urban commons project. Apparently, these marching bands are a big thing in Belgium. Very Amsterdam-y, but even prettier imho. Photo courtesy of wouter maeckelberghe. Secondly, these urban commons projects rely on some aspect of their operation on "generative market forms" that can produce income to sustain them. Region: Ghent is situated in the north-west in the Flemish region of Belgium. You can sometimes get the best shots from the bathroom. Im told Bruges is pretty amazing too.

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