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104 It is not clear if Nasser was sincerely interested in peace, or just merely saying what the Americans wanted to hear in the hope of obtaining American funding for the Aswan high dam and American weapons. 374 The incident demonstrated the weakness of the nato alliance in its lack of planning and co-operation beyond the European stage. If our gold reserves disappear, the sterling area disintegrates. 157 Both Stockwell and Beaufre were opposed to Revise as an open-ended plan with no clear goal beyond seizing the canal zone, but was embraced by Eden and Mollet as offering greater political flexibility and the prospect of lesser Egyptian civilian casualties. Both Britain and France were eager that the canal should remain open as an important conduit of oil. He accused Nasser of plotting to rule the entire Middle East and of seeking to annex Algeria, whose "people live in community with France".

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318 One of Eisenhower's aides Emmet Hughes recalled that the reaction at the White House to the Bulganin letters was "sombre" as there was fear that this was the beginning to the countdown to World War III. Bowling Pin Alt (skinny end first). 89 This move, coupled with the impression that the project was beyond Egypt's economic capabilities, caused Eisenhower to withdraw all American financial aid for the Aswan Dam project on 19 July. 199 With Rafah more or less cut off and Israeli forces controlling the northern and eastern roads leading into the city, Dayan ordered the AMX-13s of the 27th Armored Brigade to strike west and take al-Arish. Heavy political pressure from the United States and the ussr led to a withdrawal. 264 Many of the reservists who were called up for their National Service in the summer and fall of 1956 recalled feeling bewildered and confused as the Eden government started preparing to attack Egypt while at the same. Many argued that this was also a violation of the 1949 Armistice Agreements. 259 Gaitskell was much offended that Eden had kept him in the dark about the planning for action against Egypt, and felt personally insulted that Eden had just assumed that he would support the war without consulting him first. 61 The conclusion of the Baghdad Pact occurred almost simultaneously with a dramatic Israeli raid on the Gaza Strip on 28 February 1955 in retaliation for fedayeen raids into Israel, during which the Israeli Unit 101 commanded. 130131 a b Alteras 1993,. 1819 195 Vatikiotis 1978,. . 154 Most of the officers of the Anglo-French Task Force expressed regret that it was Beaufre who was Stockwell's deputy rather the other way around. It is the first, and perhaps will prove the only opportunity to reverse the calamitous decisions of Yalta. 297 International reaction Eisenhower press conference about the crisis, 9 August The operation, 298 aimed at taking control of the Suez Canal, Gaza, and parts of Sinai, was highly successful for the invaders from a military point. 230 Raswa imposed the problem of a small drop zone surrounded by water, but General Jacques Massu of the 10th Parachute Division assured Beaufre that this was not an insolvable problem for his men. It has deflected popular attention from the far more important struggle in Hungary.

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