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This was a problem when Biffy Clyro tried covering the song for a live performance that was being broadcast on a national radio station at lunchtime. What do you mean fuck up?! Claudio's voice sometimes falls out, but you sometimes don't notice because the audience simply goes right. Sonata Arctica's lead singer, Tony Kakko, usually leads the crowd in a sing-along in the middle of concerts to give the rest of the band a rest. Comedian Stephen Lynch does this in his song "Superhero asking audience members to suggest hero names. By no means the only song that fills this trope. Any chance you could sing it for us?" Subverted by Scroobius Pip in "Thou Shalt Always Kill "When I say Hey, thou shall not say Ho; When I say Hip thou shall not say Hop." "When. KT Tunstall tries to prevent this, after the audience worked out how her loop pedal worked and realised that if they shouted an obscenity loud enough at the right moment, it'd be repeated through the whole song. miley cyres sexy harry potters nu Samantha Fish has used her crowd-pleasing "Bitch on the Run" this way, explaining to the audience how to sing the repeated line "Right now, right now I'm feelin' it" when she cues them. Wanna rock roll all night! The audience is often requested to sing these parts during live shows. Needless to say, most local bands have at least one of these on their repertory. The Funny Moment is at 5:09 when the entire crowd yells "bitcin'T CHO chang!".


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Fridge Brilliance : fan-chants were actually made to keep the audience's noisy singing down and organized. But, without meeeeee, you're only you!) became a staple of their reunion tour. If you want to end war and stuff, you gotta sing loud. Strong Bad: The Cheat is overwhelmed! The album version of "Stay Beautiful" by Manic Street Preachers has a deliberately placed guitar lick in place of words at the end of the "why don't you just." part of the chorus. the crowd sing the subsequent line (.just like witches at black masses and repeat. Elton John : Elton : "Bennie!" Audience : "Bennie!" Elton : "Bennie!" Audience "Bennie!" Elton : "bennie!" Audience "Bennie!" Elton "Ohhhhhh, and the Jets!" Rush has, at times, had concert audiences singing along with YYZ. From Saul Williams' Niggy Tardust : "When I say 'Niggy you say nothing. At one point in Rush In Rio, the crowd sang along to "YYZ". In Pippin, Pippin's grandmother Berthe asks the audience to sing along with her in the choruses of "No Time At All" (except for the last one, which she insists on taking by herself). Oasis, "Don't Look Back in Anger". I got it, so can you!.Do you have a school here? In the last episode of As It Occurs to Me, Christian Riley's song exploited the call-and-response convention of the show's name. Part of the chorus of Kate Miller-Heidke's "Politics in Space" is one of these call-and-response things. Fan-chants may include singing the members' names as an interlude in a song comes along. The singer shouts "All the people in the left wing fuck " to the response from the left section.

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