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put on traduction page pute brain

noun informal the immigration into a country of scientists, technologists, academics, etc, attracted by better pay, equipment, or conditions. (save) money mettre de côté I've got a thousand pounds put away for a rainy day.   Ils voulaient venir ce soir mais je les ai fait attendre demain. Reports speak of Bonn putting together an aid package for Moscow. (assume) accent, manner prendre I don't see why you have to put on a phoney English accent. She could put up with a lot, but she wouldn't tolerate such violence. put on traduction page pute brain To put sth up for sale    mettre qch en vente They decided to put the house up for sale. The meeting has been put back to next month. . He finds it hard to put his ideas across. . Encourage children to put some of their pocket-money aside to buy Christmas presents. This will put us back ten years. . Meal préparer team mettre sur pied He is trying to put a team together for next season. Let me put it this way. .   Il a fourni beaucoup de travail pour ce projet. She put out her hand to take the cup of tea.   Tu peux ranger la vaisselle, s'il te plaît?   Il a pris un air innocent. Down    se dénigrer You must stop putting yourself down like this.   Est-ce que j'éteins la lumière? He'd been put in jail.   Je vais mettre les pommes de terre à cuire. (write) mettre, he couldn't read what Ken had put for his address.

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