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trips into nearby Marystown or distant. Severe, a hammer is responsible for California's largest wildfire. Thursday, wind variable 10 to 15 knots. Now, she buys tomatoes and peppers for spaghetti sauce, or lettuce for a Caesar salad  dishes she says her grandchildren want to devour. She said it seems like the whole town has spruced up their diets, especially families with younger kids. Spain see more news, nature, extinct volcano wakes up, could cause catastrophic eruption. Spinach and peaches don't last long on store shelves, after all. Joyce Giovannini is this month's winner, the proud recipient of a whole frozen chicken.

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Given the small and scattered population here, said Kristie Jameson, getting perishable goods to the outports presents a challenge. But in their view, every ferry trip is worth the bounty. Food First NL believes every outport could have its own unique solution to food insecurity. Whiteway drives his trailer of goods into town. By some counts, residents in 84 per cent of communities have to drive out of town, sometimes for more than an hour, to stock up on produce, meaning that packaged goods like pasta and canned soup are widespread staples. Risky model, turning corner stores into small supermarkets doesn't always work. She thinks one of the province's biggest strengths lies in its community hubs: the takeouts and small shops that serve each outport in lieu of farmers markets, butchers and grocers. "It was hard to get people in town to actually go for it  Trainor said. Animals, sharks that walk, sharks that live forever: Our 8 favourites.

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Wind west 25 knots veering to northwest 15 to 20 near midnight. Whiteway isn't keen on the rough passage either, but the nature of his cargo requires frequent outings. For Trainor, simple: a points card that turned eating veggies into a game the whole outport now wants to play. Animals, rare antivenom in Ontario saves woman from deadly snake bite. Lifestyle, how big is your plastic footprint? Trainor, who grew up in Labrador, remembers the limited choices typical of outports. There was nary a kiwi to be found in Rencontre before The Salt Box took a chance on importing them from. Read more, i accept, your weather when it really mattersTM.

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