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more appealing. When we are playing at school they know me, so they give me the ball more, but at the football club we dont know each other as a team, so its more complicated to trust each other. When a girl is isolated in a team of boys, the boys struggle to have confidence in the girl and wont pass her the ball, so she loses confidence in herself. She adds: Sometimes she comes to see us and I think shes really nice, because she takes the time to come and see us and shes a professional, and professionals need a lot of time to train. Sometimes I hear boys saying oh, she plays soccer, thats just weird, and Im just like no, its not really weird, because everyone can play soccer. I think its maybe easier for boys to do it, but for girls its still possible. Emilie, 13, has been playing for three years and says she hopes to continue to professional level, which she believes holds additional challenges for girls. Les contenus sont propriétés de leur auteur respectif. Womens football has become more and more popular with the World Cup coming up, and the media coverage, and the girls of OL and of the French national team. Unsurprisingly, OL are Salomé's teammate Emilie's favourite team too. Not that it was for N'diaye, who started playing football in her neighbourhood, the only girl among local boys, at the age of five. They have won the uefa Champion's League a record six times, most recently beating FC Barcelona to the title, hold a record nine Coupe de France titles and have topped France's highest female football league, Division 1 Féminine, a record 15 times. I think when I was a young girl it was really the case that girls were not encouraged to play football but now things are starting to change slowly but surely, so its good. So I think that it wont be an issue in future years. Hegerberg has been boycotting her national squad since 2017, citing the disregard she believes her country has for womens football. Despite a notable increase in media interest in the Women's World Cup, Serge says that living in Lyon means he hasn't noticed much difference in terms of the visibility of the sport and its stars. In Lyon, its a special place, because we have Olympique Lyonnais, and were at the top of the womens game. Her team at FC Gerland often plays against boys' teams for the simple reason that there are far fewer girls' sides to play, but Salomé says that when they do get the opportunity to play against other girls, they relish. star francaise nue call girl lyon

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They hold us to a higher standard because were girls and they want us to stand out. The young girls I train, they are not discriminated against. On playing football with boys, she feels any differences are only to do with how well she knows them. FC Gerland coach Toàn Nguyen has no doubt their local club's success is a boost for the girls on his team, and those hoping to join. At the beginning boys at school would say that, but now I think theyve got used to it and learned to live with. But most clubs are trying to evolve and to make womens practising conditions as good as mens, so I hope that we will achieve this aim of equality. Angers 14, angoulême 2, annecy 17, annecy-le-Vieux 2, annemasse. In Lyon, soccer for women is very popular. Fellow FC Gerland coach Marie Ndiaye says that for girls, any difference in ability can often be attributed to having to catch. Salomé spent the first six years of her life living in the US, in Boston, where football (or soccer) was for a long time, thanks to the dominance of American football, considered a womens game. Fittingly based at Stade Gerland, the former home of League 1 powerhouse Olympique Lyonnais (OL its alumnae include OL Féminin's 18-year-old defender Selma Bacha. But the way we play is the same in general. She says: When I came back to France I had already started watching soccer games. The team's unfettered dominance is most often attributed to the culture of equality fostered at the club.

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